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FieldBus Communication Slave lO Module

RTEC1616 is a digital input and output expansion module developed by Rtelligent based on EtherCAT bus communication. RTEC1616 has 16 NPN single-ended common anode input ports and 16 common cathode output ports, 4 of which can be used as PWM output functions.

  • Communication mode: EtherCAT

    Input and output: input common anode 24V / output common cathode (below 24V)

    Power supply voltage: 24VDC

    PWM output: OUT11~OUT14, adjustable duty cycle 0~100%

    Typical application: EtherCAT general-purpose slave, PWM output can be used for brushless motor speed-control applications.

  • Name Version Format Size Download
    User Manual V1.1 PDF 2.30M Download

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