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Solutions to Common Problems of Stepper Motor

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Possible situation


The motor does not turn

Power light is not lit

Check the power supply circuit, normal power supply

Signal current is too low

The pulse signal is weak and the signal current is increased to 7-16mA.

Micro-stepping setting error

Selective Micro-stepping level

The current is set too small

Selective current

Drive is protected

Power supply on again

Enable signal is low

Pull the enable signal high or not

Does not respond to control signals
Not powered

Motor steering error

Motor line is wrong

Exchange A+A- (or B+B-)

The motor line has an open circuit

Check and pick up

Alarm indicator is on

Motor line is wrong

Check wiring

Voltage is too high or too low

Check the power supply

Motor or driver damage

Replace the driver

Inaccurate location

Signal interference

Eliminate interference, shield or separate the lines
Shield or ground wire is handled well
Reliable grounding
Motor line has short circuit

Check and pick up

Micro-stepping error
Selective Micro-stepping level

The current is too small

Increase current
Accelerated blockage of motor Acceleration time is too short

Increase time of acceleration

Motor torque is too small

Select a large torque motor

Low voltage or too small current

Appropriately increase the voltage or current

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