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Frequently asked questions about stepper motors

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  一、 Can the micro-stepping level of the micro-stepping driver represent the accuracy?

     The micro-stepping technology of the stepping motor is essentially an electronic damping technology. Its main purpose is to reduce or eliminate the low frequency vibration of the stepping motor. Improving the running accuracy of the motor is only an incidental function of the micro-stepping technology.

     The micro-stepping level setting of the micro-stepping driver depends on other factors such as the subdivision current control accuracy of the subdivision driver. The subdivision driver accuracy of different manufacturers may vary greatly. The larger the micro-stepping level, the more difficult it is to control.

  二、What is the difference between the series connection method and the parallel connection method of the four-phase drive combined stepping motor and the driver?

   The four-phase hybrid stepping motor is generally driven by a two-phase driver. Therefore, the four-phase motor can be connected to two phases by a series connection or a parallel connection method.

     The series connection method is generally used when the motor speed is relatively high. The required output current of the driver is 0.7 times the motor phase current, so the motor generates less heat. The connection method is generally used in the case where the motor speed is high (high-speed connection method), and the required output current of the driver is 1.4 times of the motor phase current, so the motor generates a large heat.

  三、How to determine the DC power supply for stepper motor driver?

        A. Determination of power supply and supply voltage

    Hybrid stepper motor drivers typically have a wide range of supply voltages (eg, 12V-24V). The supply voltage is typically selected based on the motor's operating speed and response requirements. If the motor has a higher operating speed or a faster response, the voltage is also higher.

    Note that the ripple of the supply voltage must not exceed the maximum input voltage of the drive, otherwise the drive may be damaged. If the motor is running at a lower speed, consider a lower voltage selection.

    B, power supply and output current determination

    The power supply current is generally determined based on the output phase current I of the driver. If a linear power supply is used, the supply current can generally be 1.1-1.3 times that of I. If a switching power supply is used, the supply current can generally be 1.5-2.0 times that of I. If a power supply supplies power to several drives at the same time, the current of the power supply should be doubled.

  四、When is the enable signal of a hybrid stepper motor driver generally used?

    When the enable signal is low, the current output from the driver to the motor is cut off and the motor rotor is in a free state (offline).

    In some automation equipment, if the drive is continuously powered, it is required to manually turn the motor shaft directly, you can lower the enable signal, take the motor offline, perform manual operation or adjustment. After the manual is completed, the enable signal is set high to continue the automatic control.

  五、How to adjust the rotation direction of the two-phase stepper motor after power-on in a simple way?

    Simply swap the A+ and A- (or B+ and B-) wires of the motor to the drive.

  六、The explanation of the meaning of IP is as follows:

   The IP (INTERNATIONAL PROTECTION) protection level system was drafted by IEC (INTERNATIONAL ELECTROTECHNICAL COMMISSION) to classify electrical appliances according to their characteristics of dust and moisture resistance.

   IP protection level is composed of two numbers. The first number represents the level of dust separation and foreign invasion prevention. The second number represents the degree of sealing of moisture and water resistance invasion of electrical appliances. The larger the Lou character, the higher the protection level.

  七、What is the motor insulation level?

   Indicates the insulating material and insulation structure used in the motor, allowing the highest temperature to work. The heat insulation grade of the motor insulation structure is divided into 5, etc., as follows:

  八、Comparison of American-made wire standard AWG with metric and imperial units

     In the hardware design and cable selection process, we often encounter methods such as 16AWG, 18AWG, 24AWG, 26AWG, etc. to indicate cable diameter. In fact, AWG (American Wire Gauge) is an abbreviation for American Wire Standard, and AWG value is a function of wire thickness (in inches).

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