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What should be paid attention to when selecting the mot

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      What should be paid attention to when selecting the motor:

  1. The principle of using stepper motor

     In order to adapt to various purposes, stepper motor manufacturers produce motors of different types, forms and capacities. When selecting motors, take full account of their characteristics. After carefully studying the characteristics of the machine being driven, select the motor that suits the load characteristics.

     The principle of choosing a motor is:

   (1) According to the starting characteristics and operating characteristics of the load, the motor that is most suitable for these characteristics is selected to meet various requirements in the working process of the production machine.

   (2) Selecting a motor that has a protection mode and a cooling mode that is compatible with the environment of the place of use, should be structurally suitable for the environmental conditions in which the motor is located.

   (3) Calculate and determine the appropriate motor capacity. Motors that are typically designed and manufactured are most efficient at 75%-100% rated load. Therefore, the difference between the capacity required by the equipment and the capacity of the selected motor should be minimized, so that the power of the motor is fully utilized.

   (4) Select a motor with high reliability and easy maintenance.

   (5) Considering interchangeability, try to choose a standard motor.

   (6) In order to make the whole system operate with high efficiency, it is necessary to comprehensively consider the number of poles and voltage level of the motor.

What should be paid attention to when selecting the motor



  2. The general steps for selecting a stepper motor can be considered as follows :

   (1) Select the type of stepping motor according to the requirements of production mechanicality.

   (2) Select the rated voltage of the motor according to the power supply.

   (3) Select the number of revolutions of the motor according to the number of revolutions required by the production machine and the condition of the transmission equipment.

   (4) Select the structure and protection form of the motor according to the location and location of the motor and production machinery installation.

   (5) Select the rated power of the motor according to the power capacity required for the load and the operating mode of the motor.

   When making the motor selection, we must prepare a number of manufacturers and brand catalogues at hand, and then consider the above factors to select the most suitable motor.

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