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  Shenzhen Rtelligent Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is a manufacturer which has full motion controlling products including motion controller, stepper servo drive, stepper servo motor, stepper drive and stepper motor with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical power. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in textile, package, printing, carving, advertising, laser, electron and other automatic industries. In the course of business, the company always insists on innovation, quality first, providing customers with cost-effective products, and also provides customized services for new and old customers. Welcome to consult!

  Rtelligent focuses on the development and innovation of stepper motors and drivers, and has more than 10 patented technologies and inventions!

  A series of stepper motor and driver products have been successfully developed to meet requirements by different industries, different customers and different technologies!  

  For the purpose of customers' needs, we are committed to innovating and developing products and services that meet our customers' needs! Welcome to inquire and customize products.

 Custom stepper motors and matching stepper drivers:

  1. Support custom stepper motors and drivers in different industries

  2, Customized stepper motors of different sizes

  3, Stepper motor customization to meet different needs

  4, Support AC, DC stepper motor customization

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    Main products:

  1. Hybrid stepper motor driver

  2. Servo motor driver

  3. Hybrid stepper motor

  4. AC servo motor

    Product advantages:

       1. Small size, easy to install

  2. No additional slip loss, high efficiency;

  3. In the case of long running time with low load or frequent start and stop, the purpose of saving power and protecting the motor can be achieved;

  4. The rotating angle of the motor is proportional to the number of pulses;

  5. The maximum torque is available when the motor is stopped (when the winding is energized);

  6. Stepper motors have better positional accuracy and repeatability of motion, because the accuracy of each step is between 3% and 5%, and the error of one step is not accumulated to the next step;

  7, Excellent start/stop and reverse response;

  8. High reliability because there is no brush so that the life of the motor depends only on the life of the bearing;

  9. The response of the motor is determined only by the digital input pulse, so open loop control can be used;

  10.Simply connecting the load directly to the shaft of the motor can also be rotated at a very low speed;

  11.Because the speed is proportional to the pulse frequency, there is a wide range of speeds;

  12.The drive is made of custom materials, extremely heat-dissipating, low failure rate, and can adapt to a variety of production environments;

  13.The product quality is excellent, one year warranty, and a complete after-sales team.