Rtelligent's stepper motor naming rules

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  Rtelligent's stepper motor naming rules

  Rtelligent's motor naming rules, here take the motor model 86A8S8-14Z as an example to explain. 86 represents the dimension of the motor 86mm; A represents the code of step angle type (A: 1.8degree B:1.2degree C: 0.72degree); 8 refers to the holding torque is 8N.M; S means the output shaft mode (S: single output shaft D:double output shaft) ; 8 is number of outgoing lines ; 14 represents the non - standard shaft dimension of 6mm; Z represents brake.


  The above is the naming method of Rtelligent motor. If you are not very clear during the selection process, please call us or consult online customer service.


The naming of stepper motors


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