The term of stepper motor

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The term of stepper motor

1 holding torque
Torque when the stator locks the rotor after the stepping motor is powered up.

2 regeneration
The stepping motor is in a state of being rotated by an external force or being driven by an external force to generate electricity.

3 step angle
The minimum mechanical angle inherent in stepper motors is generally divided into 1.8 degrees (two phase), 1.2 degrees (three phase), and 0.72 degrees (five phase).

4 resonance
In the specific speed field, the phenomenon of vibration is large. The number of inherent vibrations of the stepping motor and mechanism and the cause of vibration during operation. The two-phase stepper motor has a great resonance field at 0.5 to 1 second per minute.

5 loss of step
Although the stepping motor rotates in synchronization with the pulse, it may not be synchronized with the pulse due to a sharp speed change or an overload. This state of being incapable of synchronizing with the pulse is called loss of step.

6 micro-stepping.
This is to control the current flowing into the motor coil, subdividing the step angle, and achieving a high resolution technical step angle is very small. Therefore, vibration is not generated by the stepping drive, and low vibration and low noise are achieved.

7 backlash
This is the clearance on the geared motor or coupling. The range of backlash angles is uncontrollable. The smaller the backlash angle, the easier it is to perform high-precision control. The gearing of the geared motor is 0.15-1.

8 inertia ratio
The ratio of the load moment of inertia to the rotor inertia of the motor is required to be no more than 10:1 during the selection. When the load inertia is large, the load moment of inertia can be reduced by the speed reduction mechanism. For example, the 3:1 speed reduction mechanism can reduce the load inertia to one-ninth of the original.

The above eight are the terms of the stepper motor you need to know.

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