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  • In terms of masks making,the manufacturers care its productivities most, to improve productivities, the main facts to consider are speed and efficiency, Motion Controller and related system can solve this problem perfectly.Rtelligent Technology supply

  • As a typical labor-intensive industry, 3C industry is imperative to upgrade industrial automation and reduce labor costs. Based on its own understanding of 3C electronics industry motion control technology, rtelligent focuses on 3C electronics manufacturing intelligent transformation, and provides comprehensive and rich intelligent manufacturing solutions for industry customers around its pain points and difficulties.

  • Combined with our own understanding of laser processing technology and motion control technology, Rtelligent can provide customized motion control products and solutions, and help industry customers provide differentiated, more flexible and efficient laser application solutions for users

  • Rtelligent deeply understands the importance of quality and efficiency for users. Based on the mastery of core technologies such as electronic cam and multi axis synchronization, we can help customers provide high-speed, high-precision and high reliability automation solutions for end-users.

  • Rtelligent focuses on the development of general motion control platform and products, and has many years of application experience in automation production line. It can help industry customers to provide flexible and easy to expand automation solutions for users.

  • With years of technology and experience accumulated in the field of motion control, rtelligent helps semi conductor customers to provide high-precision, high efficiency and high reliability single machine or whole line automation solutions for end users.

  • Rtelligent deeply understands the importance of control products for automation and digitization of textile machinery. Under the background of increasingly fierce competition, sharp increase in labor costs and increasingly stringent environmental protection requirements, rtelligent can cooperate with customers in sewing machines, hosiery machines, warp knitting machines, flat knitting machines and other industries to provide end users with automatic upgrading and transformation schemes with efficiency, cost reduction and consumption reduction.

  • Industrial robot is one of the important solutions to cope with labor shortage and rising labor costs in the future. Rtelligent has a comprehensive grasp of the core technology of industrial robot control, covering more than 30 + manipulator models, and can help industry customers to provide comprehensive and easy-to-use industrial robot application solutions for terminals.

  • Machine tool is known as "industrial mother machine", and high-end machine tool is the "national heavyweight". Based on the understanding of machine tool processing technology and motion control technology, rtelligent can provide customized motion control products and solutions, and help industry customers to provide differentiated, more flexible, efficient and more economical application solutions for special machine tools.


  • Best quality commitment to customers and building a brand with our excellent services, Rtelligent Technology services the whole world with his manufacturing base in China. We have been widely spreading our sales and service networks worldwide to provide our clients with reliable and stable motion control products and solutions.

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  • The prompt full-service with our technical support team are the foundation stones of the company, Rtelligent Technology are willingly to exchange ideas with customers about product problems, technical specifications, proposals & solutions etc., to have the all-around accurate lean services.

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  • In Download Center, all the relevant technical files are stored, such as hardware & software manuals, programming samples etc. Your registration might be needed to have full access to some files.

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  • Rtelligent Technology aims to supply our customers with in time and high quality after-sale services, to solve your product problems or technical inquiries at the first priority.

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  • We would suggest you to read through our common problems explanations in the user manual. If the problems are still unsolved, please kindly contact the Rtelligent Technology directly by phone or per Email. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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