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After Sales Service

After-Sale Service

  • Service Objects

    The service content specified in this clause applies to stepper motors, stepper motor drives, servo motors and servo drives, motion control cards, etc. purchased through Rtelligent and its authorized legal channels.

  • Guarantee Clause

    1、Warranty period:12 months

    We provide quality assurance for one year from the date of delivery and free maintenance service for our products during the warranty period.

    2、Exclude the following:

    1)Improper connection, such as the polarity of the power supply is reversed and insert/pull the motor connection when the power supply is connected.

    2)Beyond electrical and environmental requirements.

    3)Change the internal device without permission.

    3、Maintenance process

    For maintenance of products, please follow the procedures shown below:

    1)Contact our customer service staff to get the rework permission.

    2)The written document of the drive failure phenomenon is attached to the goods, as well as the contact information and mailing methods of the sender.

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